r u serious...? 【Victrix Pro FS】

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**I received this product from Victrix for the purposes of making this video but I wasn't told to say anything so any and all opinions in this video are wholly my own as always :) Thanks to Victrix for providing the Victrix Pro FS Arcade Stick**

So, you think you're serious about games huh? Is your tool as serious about the game as you are? The Victrix Pro FS Arcade Stick has a different approach that I think the pro gamers are gonna find interesting...

What did you think of the Victrix Pro FS arcade stick? Will you be pre-ordering it on March 2nd?

Victrix Pro FS pre-order/info→ https://www.victrixpro.com/en/pro-fs

★NihongoGamer Discord Community for 24/7 chat→https://discord.gg/RPKTBAy

★Become a Channel Member→https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf93u-RFP3nitjOL-30kp1w/join
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